Friday, May 3, 2013


Vacuuming and holding a baby? No problem. I can do almost everything one-handed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Car Seat Strap Cover Hack

Do you ever happen upon an idea so simple and obvious that paradoxically it makes you feel like a genius? That's what this idea was for me. Neither of our car seats came with strap covers. I knew Target sold some monkey ones for $10, but I kept forgetting to buy them when I was at the store. When we went to Pennsylvania for Easter, I noticed the car seat straps left red marks on Will's neck on the long drive. Not wanting him to get more hurt, I was determined to finally get the strap covers before we drove back home.

I searched the Walmart near our hotel for car seat strap covers, but they didn't sell them. In a moment of inspiration, I bought a shoulder belt cover from the automotive section for 99 cents. I borrowed a pair of scissors from my husband's and cut it in half. It is the perfect size for the car seat straps and I saved $9 and it matches my car interior and car seat better than actual car seat strap covers. That's what you call a win win win.

It works for me.