Thursday, August 4, 2011

Secret Single Behavior

I recently re-watched that episode of Sex and the City where the girls are all talking about their secret single behavior, the embarrassing things they do that they wouldn't want people to find out about. (I tried to find the clip online for you, but I couldn't. Sorry.) Carrie eats Saltines and reads foreign fashion magazines. Charlotte stares at her pores in a magnifying mirror. (Who doesn't?) I can't remember what Miranda's is and Samantha claims to not have any.

I have a lot of SSB, but my special summertime SSB is eating Saltines and Kool-Aid while watching TV. I remember I first figured out this awesome salty-sweet combo one summer day at my dad's little house in the woods sometime when I was in high school. My mom would have never bought Kool-Aid, but my dad sometimes bought us the sugar-free kind.

I'm not normally a snack-eater, but every once in awhile a nice, tall, cold glass of sugar-free Kool-Aid and a stack of Saltines is awesome. (You can buy individual servings of Kool-Aid nowadays, too.) I prefer either the grape or cherry Kool-Aid and I like to dip my Saltines in it very briefly then shove the whole cracker in my mouth. You know you've had enough when your fingertips start to get stained from the artificial colors of the Kool-Aid.

Do you have any secret single behaviors? Do you eat any embarrassing or weird food combinations?

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  1. That sounds like an awesome combo that I've never thought of!


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