Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preventing Food Spoilage

In the last ten years, I've never lived with more than one other person, yet I cook family-size meals and love to shop at Costco. You'd think I'd be throwing out rotten food all the time, but food almost never goes bad on me and I attribute it to this one little trick: I set my fridge for slightly cooler than is recommended. I haven't noticed any increase in my electricity bill, but I have noticed my milk and veggies stay fresh much longer than they would otherwise.

Having an extra cold fridge works for me.


  1. Like this idea. So simple! I rarely throw anything away with all my kiddos, but I did throw away something last night b/c i just didn't get around to using it in the recipe i intended to. sad. :( i will have to try this.
    also, i love your blog & love the name! i keep planning to write some posts soon along the same lines. & congrats on your pregnancy!

  2. That's a really good idea! I need to check what my fridge temp is set to.

  3. unfortunately, even with my fridge set at medium, some of my food FREEZES in the fridge on the bottom shelf at the back. I've learned to put feta or grains or my baking soda back there. I must have a poorly designed fridge. . .


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