Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are You Freaking Kidding Me: Leak Edition

Y'all (I've been in the mood to say "y'all" recently. Is that weird? I think it's the hot weather.) remember what my bathroom looks like, right? If not, look over here to see a big, strong man cleaning it for me.

Right above where that towel bar is on the left now looks like this. We've been complaining to the property management for three weeks now.

So the plumber did this to my ceiling yesterday. [I'm rolling my eyes.] There were two pin hole leaks in a pipe.

I also think there's a leak under the hall. Today someone else is coming out to cut out all the damaged drywall in the bathroom and look under the carpet in the hall to see if there are more leaks. Then Friday, supposedly, all the drywall in the bathroom is going to be replaced.

Argh! Major drama.


  1. ah, but it was caught early and so you'll have no mold! But yes, still so disruptive and chaotic while it's going on.

  2. Oh, there's mold. You're right; it could be worse though.

  3. I hope all of the repairs get done quiclkly! Sorry to hear about all ofthe headache.

  4. I have photos on my blog of a ceiling that looks just like that! It sucked. The giant leaking (and later gaping hole) happened right above ... the crib. In the weeks before our baby arrived. Argh!

  5. I know how you feel. My leaky tub faucet turned into a whole bath room remodel. Color me not happy.


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