Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making Burp Cloths

Even though I'm getting darn close to baby's arrival the nesting instinct (unfortunately) hasn't yet kicked in. However, I'm trying to deal with a bad week by being productive so I've been sewing up burp cloths.

Several months ago Chuk and I picked up a pack of prefold diapers at TJ Maxx (or one of those discount stores) for less than $1 per diaper, which is cheaper than I've seen used prefolds selling for online. I washed them up and, since the baby will be using it for burping, embroidered "Excuse Me" on them. I just free-handed the embroidery, which I've never done before and I don't love the result, but for something whose sole purpose is to be barfed on, I can live with it. Then I sewed on some fabric I already had that I had been saving for pillows. It didn't take very much fabric, so I should still be able to make the pillows.

It's a quick and satisfying project that will hopefully be useful in a few months. Now I'm off to make a few more.


  1. it's so cute! I love making burpcloths - it's my go-to baby gift. I usually use 2 pieces of flannel, but I like how you dressed up a diaper.

  2. This is so dang cute!


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