Monday, January 16, 2012

Really Random

1. I've started using Instagram. We should follow each other. My account name is TeamLift. What's your's?

2. I spent almost five hours on Saturday listing things on Craig's List and I haven't gotten any nibbles. It is incredibly discouraging.

3. When I first told my friends I was pregnant, one of them offered to have a baby shower for me. (I threw a baby shower for her a year ago.) She's only brought it up once since then when we talked about having it in mid-February. Since then, she hasn't said anything about it but other people keep asking me when my baby shower is going to be. (My sister-in-law literally asks me or Chuk EVERY week and has even emailed my mom and sister, who live in California and wouldn't be coming to a D.C. baby shower, about it.)

First of all, if I'm not really confident my friend is even going to come through with the shower. Second of all, if she does come through, it is my impression that she's just thinking about a small, casual little thing with just the few mutual friends we share (because she's got a little baby and works full time), which means all these other people who are asking me about it would not be invited. This is hugely stressing me out. Why do people keep harrassing ME about it? I have nothing to do with it. And if they're so interested in coming to a baby shower, then why don't they offer to have one for me? I can only tell people so many times, "I don't know anything about a baby shower" so many times before my hormones take over and I rip someone's head off.

4. Is anyone else having problems with blogger? Sometimes, when I click on the post of someone I'm following I can't get to their page at all. And I can't make comments on anyone's posts, including my own. (For the record, in my last post, when I mentioned the drive-thru daiquiris, we do not drink and drive. We just like the thrill of knowing we could drink and drive. We buy our daiquiris at the drive-thru, but enjoy them at home. I think drinking and driving is stupid and dangerous.)

5. Are you watching Pioneer Woman on Food Network? Does it weird you out when she calls her husband Ladd instead of Marlboro Man?

6. Today was my last day of my water exercise class, which I affectionately call "swimming lessons". It was a fun class, but I'll mostly miss it because there was a really odd woman in the class who I am almost 100% sure is a pathological liar but who kept me immensely entertained. I have no idea what I'm going to talk to Chuk about at dinner anymore, because she has made up the bulk of my anecdotes for months now.


  1. That is his real name????? I had no idea. Whoa. I feel like the mystique is gone.

    I have a baby related question, but it's NOT about a shower, and I haven't seen you mention it anywhere...

    1) when are you due? (I first wrote "dude" ha)
    2) did you find out if it's a boy or a girl? somehow I get a "boy" vibe from you, but maybe that's because of the "dude" thing from above.

    I don't blame you for feeling that way about the questions...most people DON'T KNOW when their showers are. I hope you end up having one, though!

    Oh but for your question re: blogger--one of my followers has a problem every now and then with it, the same thing you mentioned.

  2. When she calls him Ladd, it is SO weird to me! Definitely.

  3. Love the pics! I need to start using Instagram. I have it, just never think about it! And as far as flaky friends, I think you might want to have a talk with one of your other best gals, and see what she thinks. I bet she jumps on the chance to spoil you with a shower. Everyone may just assume someone else is doing it! Happy Friday!

  4. Oh man - the baby shower dilemma suuuuucks. If she volunteered to give you a shower, she should totally follow through! Do you have any mutual friends you can get to nudge her a little, or at least find out what's going on?

    But really - people should stop asking YOU! You aren't throwing the shower!

    I'm having tons of trouble with Blogger. It's almost impossible to leave a comment! Argh!

  5. I have NEVER had good success with craigslist. So annoying.

    Some of my blogger problems got solved when I changed my comments to a pop-up box instead of embedded. But I haven't noticed the problem on other people's blogs recently, so I'm hoping it's fixed.


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