Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's Been Going On

Since I last wrote, we've been keeping busy.
This guy wore a bow tie on Thanksgiving, which was pretty hilarious. It was a tie that had belonged to my husband when he was a boy.

Not to brag, but this was the best turkey I've ever had in my life. It's gone now. We ate it for lunch and dinner everyday for more than a week.

My baby tried solid food for the first time on Thanksgiving. (I've been exclusively breast feeding for seven months! This was not my plan, but he's been developing on the slow side with the milestones.) He did really well with it, but caught a cold the next day so we haven't given him any more food since then so he could get the breast milk antibodies and whatnot.

We got our Christmas tree.

My 20 pound seven month old and his 29 pound three year old cousin.
We went to see my in-laws, which wound up being a total nightmare. I think my sister-in-law has a personality disorder.

Chuk and I celebrated seven years together with a fancy Italian dinner. Baby came along too, so it wasn't so much romantic as it was entertaining/exhausting, but it was still nice.

We still take lots of walks.

And we've been trying to squeeze as much family time in around Chuk's finals schedule as possible.

Of course, we spend most of our time just playing at home.

But tonight someone got to meet Santa for the first time. He was unimpressed.


  1. What a cutie pie! He is so precious. And getting so big! I can't believe he's seven month old.

    1. Thank you! I can hardly believe it myself.

  2. Between the fancy Italian dinner and the turkey, this post is making me hungry! Your little boy's cheeks aren't helping either :)

    1. I nibble those cheeks all day, so it is with authority that I tell you, they are delicious.

  3. awww he is so cute! you made me laugh with comment about your sister in law, I'd love to hear that story!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It started on Saturday night when my friend called me in a panic 12 hours after giving birth because her baby's blood sugar wouldn't stabilize and the doctors wanted to give him glucose intravenously because her milk hadn't come in yet and the formula wasn't working. My SIL overheard me offer my friend some of the breastmilk I have in my freezer, which apparently is both totally horrifying and absolutely disgusting.

      The next morning, she started screaming at me (in front of both of our children) because my husband (her brother) told their father we don't let our baby watch TV. (How either of these things is any of her business is still unclear to me.)

      She then decided to take advantage of the opportunity to tell me all the ways I was a bad mom and person because she imagines scenarios in her head and they make her feel bad. For example, she thinks I might be thinking something negative about her, even though I wasn't (but I am now!) so I'm a mean, judgmental person.


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