Monday, April 15, 2013

Random Monday

1. Have you seen this commercial? Freaking hilarious, especially if you like swearing (as I do).

2. Have you seen WTF Evolution? Nature is so gross/weird. It's a good science lesson for all the eight year olds in your life, or yourself.

3. Speaking of disgusting nature, Florida would be one of the last places on Earth I would live. Here's another reason why.

4. Slate's baby blog is my newest obsession. It validates my theory that children are resilient and can withstand all manners of parenting so we shouldn't sweat the small stuff so often by providing a historical and cross cultural look at babies. I'm trying to get my eleven month old to drink from a cup, meanwhile there's another eleven month old casually chopping open his own coconut with a machete. I cloth diaper, but it's nothing compared to what some other cultures do.

5. I quasi-impulse bought a bike this weekend. (I knew I wanted a bike this spring, but pulled the trigger on the purchase without really planning it out.) It's super cute and I love it. I wish I could afford one of these super cute helmets to go with it.

6. I've started requiring word verification in the comments. I hate to have to do it, but I was getting a crazy amount of spam and no screen time for the baby means no screen time for me until he goes to bed, so I was having a hard time deleting the offending comments in time. I hope you'll still comment anyway.

7. Speaking of the baby, I've decided to start calling him Will on the blog. I want to keep a layer of anonymity here, but I also sort of hate it when people have like a dozen kids and refer to them all as Princess, Peach, Plum, Peanut, Precious, Precocious...(and on and on) on their blogs. It's too hard to keep up with. I think a fake name is just easier.

8. The weather was beautiful this weekend so we took a trip to the farmers' market, had our first cookout of the season, and went to a new playground. Heat, stay away just a bit longer, please.

I'm linking with all the other randomness over at Deb's.


  1. Snails. Yuck. I lived in Florida for awhile. Nothing is enticing me to move back.

    I like your idea of giving your baby a fake name. I wish I had thought of that. But now it is a moot point anyway because two of my kids have asked that I don't talk about them anymore. Dang teenagers.

  2. That commercial is HILARIOUS! KMart: Embracing the Redneckedness of it all.

    The evolution website is freaking me out. A fish with human-looking teeth? I would ship my pants if I saw that. (hah! see what I did there? see? I slay myself.)

    And then you DOUBLE-DOWN on the gross animals with the snails! Snails the size of a rat! Snails that eat your house! Snails that leave slime everywhere! Snails that carry Parasitic Lung Worms! Gah. It's too much. I have to go find some chocolate forthwith...


I know word verification is a pain, but I'm getting a lot of spam comments, more than I can keep up with. I hope you'll leave a comment anyway. I really appreciate you reading and love hearing back from you.