Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inexpensive Custom Drawer Organizers

Because we keep getting snowed in, I’m becoming more motivated to start thinking about spring cleaning a little early this year. (I’m looking at you closets!) I’ve done a couple of drawer clean-outs and what I’m noticing is that the drawers that are labeled and have compartments so we know where to put things away are the neatest drawers. It’s the ones where the rule is “Oh, just go put it in the top drawer on the left” where chaos reigns. (Please tell me it’s not just me who is perpetually asking her spouse, “Do you even live here?” He doesn’t know where anything goes or where to find anything. We’ve lived in this apartment for almost two years. Seriously, pay attention.)

Anywho, have you priced adjustable drawer organizers lately? They’re pricey, like $20 or $25 each. When we first moved into this apartment and I was trying to integrate my stuff and Chuk’s stuff and maximize our storage I came up with a cheaper solution: Origami. Well, I didn’t come up with origami, but I came up with an idea to use it for storage.

I make origami boxes to fit into the drawers so everything has its own little compartment and we don’t have to dig through a mess to find something in the drawer. You can vary the sizes of the boxes depending on what size paper you use to get a custom fit for your drawer and for the items you’re storing.

I’m not into paper crafting, so I just used newspaper for big boxes and scrap paper from the recycle bin for smaller boxes, but if you scrapbook, I’m sure you could make some really cute dividers with patterned paper. And if you have kids, this would be a great project for them. You could set up your own little drawer organizing sweat shop.

There are lots of instructional YouTube videos about how to make a box. This is one of them. (I'm sorry; I can't get it to embed.) Unfortunately, there is an obnoxious ad at the beginning of it, but it only lasts a few seconds.

Free custom drawer organizers work for me!


  1. I agree about drawer organizers! I would love to learn to make paper boxes - thanks for the link.
    And I have to say, after 10 years of marriage and 7 living in the same house, my husband still doesn't know where most things are. Our house is reasonably organized, too, so it's not like the scissors and lightbulbs keep changing places. I'm afraid it's a male trait, oftentimes. . .

  2. What a good idea. I just use stationary boxes and the like.

  3. These are so cute! We're not in snowy weather, but something about the winter does give me the *must clean now* vibes. I just did my desk and am in the middle of tackling the overwhelming mess that is my dining room. Cute containers do make my heart go pitter-patter, but less stuff has to be the first step for me! :)

  4. That's a really good idea! Those custom dividers do cost a fortune. I found some reasonably nice ones at Wal-Mart, but even so, it adds up fast. (Maybe I just have too many drawers?) I used to love origami...when I was MUCH younger. It would be fun to try it again. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  5. Oh great idea for the kids drawers! I'm going to put them on that this week. Thanks!

    Works for me:

  6. And there they are- your origami boxes! Thanks Meghan for visiting my blog through WFMW and for your comment too! Your blog is great!


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