Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm the Nice One

My father-in-law came up for a visit over the weekend and told us a story about how he took my niece (his granddaughter) to his doctor's appointment with him on Friday. The woman at the front desk, who had long blonde hair, blew up a helium balloon for my niece and gave it to her. Like most two year olds, she loves balloons. So she went around for the rest of the day telling everybody "Meghan gave me a balloon. This Meghan balloon." Apparently any blonde who is nice to her is me. I'll take it!

The story of the above picture: two weeks ago when this same niece was visiting for the baby shower she got stuck in our cat house when she crawled in to retrieve an acorn she had thrown in there. She was fussing and on the verge of tears, so naturally I starting laughing and grabbed my phone and took pictures of her predicament. Chuk ran across the room and rescued her. So it's a little bit miraculous that she still thinks of me as nice. (Hopefully, Chuk's willingness to forgo good photo opportunities for the wellbeing of a child means no one will have to call CPS on us when our own child arrives in a few weeks.)

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