Friday, August 17, 2012

Italian Recipe from my Syrian Friend

A couple of weeks ago we had a little party at our place to watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. It was us and three other couples. We asked everyone to wear the colors of the country they were rooting for (no one did except us though) and to bring a dish to share from a country participating in the Olympics. It was a fun theme for a potluck.

Chuk and I provided chips and salsa (Mexico), dumplings (Korea), and Canada Dry ginger ale (Canada; we crack ourselves up.) Others brought wasabi peas (Japan) and wine (USA and France) and a pasta dish that Chuk flipped out over. He's been wanting to make it ever since. We made it earlier this week and it was so easy.

Here are the directions according to my Syrian neighbor. Use your common sense to figure out the amounts. Boil a package of fettuccine. When it's done, drain it and while it's still hot, throw in a big package of arugula (or you can use fresh spinach) and a lot of olive oil. Mix it up. The idea is you're using the heat of the pasta to wilt the raw greens. Then crack in a lot of black pepper, more than you think you should, and some parmesan cheese, less than you think you should. Mix it up again. That's it. We ate it with a salad and then I felt smug about all the healthy greens I was eating. (Then I ate some oreos. Shhh.)

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