Sunday, March 21, 2010

Has Spring Sprung?

Chuk was home sick two days last week. Thursday, I thought I was getting spring allergies, but Friday I knew I had caught his cold. We’re both still recovering, but we didn’t want to let feeling bad keep us from enjoying the good weather on Saturday.

We usually grill at local parks on nice days, but neither of us had the energy to deal with charcoal and coolers and all that. I sent Chuk to the store with instructions to “get things for a picnic in France. I don’t want to use utensils.” He came back with two types of salami, strawberries, a baguette and a bottle of fizzy blueberry lemonade. We had a block of cheddar cheese in the fridge and we threw it in a canvas bag with the groceries, a small cutting board, a knife, two cups and two napkins. We grabbed a quilt Chuk’s mother made years ago and a box of Trivial Pursuit cards and headed out. It couldn't have been easier. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best: relaxing on our blanket in the sunshine, nibbling and asking each other questions.

The funniest answer was Chuk’s response to “What character did Audrey Hepburn play in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” He answered quite confidently, “Tiffany!” I laughed for a good long while.


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I love his answer. Too funny -- and I think my boyfriend would have said the same thing. ;o)

  2. Yup, my husband probably would have said the same thing. I've never seen the movie, so I am not 100% sure who she played...was it Holly Golightly?

    Your picnic sounds super fun and delicious! Hope you guys are feeling better!

  3. Aw, that's such a great idea! Sounds like you had a fun time. :)

  4. aw, sweet. What a good way to take advantage of the nice weather!
    I've never had blueberry lemonade, but that sounds really delicious.


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