Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin and Pie Party

On Saturday, we went to our friends' pumpkin carving and pie eating party. Everyone brought their own pumpkin to carve and a sweet or savory pie to share. I thought it was a great party theme. It was easy for the hosts and fun for the guests.

Between that darn pumpkin shortage and our procrastination, Chuk and I couldn't find any pumpkins. We bought squash instead, which cost a fortune (more than $10 for two little squash) and were very tough to carve. We wound up just doing bas relief instead of hollowing them out and carving them. Mine is the BOO above and Chuk did the Capital's logo below. I thought he did a great job, but everyone kept thinking it was a bat. They aren't hockey fans though.

If you decide to have this kind of party, you should remember to provide lots of pumpkin carving tools and knives and have a plan for easy clean up as people work because those pumpkin guts get messy fast. While it's easy to come up with ideas for sweet pies, if you have trouble thinking of types of savory pies, quiche, shepherd's pie, and chicken pot pie are all great options.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. That is a great party idea! You come away with your pumpkin carved and yummy pies to eat while doing it.


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