Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random Monday

1. Random Monday should be called "Couldn't get my act together until Tuesday."

2. We went to Oktoberfest on Saturday with friends. I tried two kinds of beer and two kinds of sausages. I didn't get a pretzel and I still feel disappointed about that. It was my first Oktoberfest experience and it was really fun. Hopefully one day I'll get to go to the real Oktoberfest. One of my dork dreams is to dance in a dirndl. 

3. We got pumpkins on Sunday. A stranger took probably our best family picture to date at the pumpkin patch. Thanks random guy!

 4. My new hobby is dressing my baby in animal hats and taking his picture.

5. My husband bought our son a bike for his five month birthday. You know, because every five month old (who can't even sit up yet) needs his own bike.

6. The bike retails for $80; the guy at the second hand store was asking $19, but I bargained him down to $10. Score! I actually really love to haggle, but have almost no occasion in my life to do so.

7. Chuk made bagels again this weekend. Those bagels are SO good. I ate two on Sunday. It kind of made up for not getting a pretzel at Oktoberfest. Almost.

8. Linking up with Deb over at Not Inadequate

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  1. hah! I have had many a "Random Not-Monday" in the last few years! Feel free to grab the button!

    I love the bagels. They look yum-yum-yum.


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