Sunday, October 14, 2012


It was 75 degrees today, so we took the baby to the zoo for the first time. He liked it. So many people and trees to look at, and the animals were pretty good too.
The flamingos were, hands down, his favorite animals. I think it's probably because they were the easiest for him to see. At five months, his eyesight is still not fully developed.
This mama and baby gorilla napping together were so sweet; it made me want to cry. When Chuk and I were last here, in January, that mama was carrying that baby around on her back and now he's so big. He's not to big for a cuddle though. 
In less sweet viewing, I saw this silver back gorilla catch his poop in his hand and then eat it. Everyone let out an audible "Ewww" at the same time.
Not to be undone in the gross department, at the very next cage, this orangutan was eating his barf (licking it up off the floor) when I came over. When he was done, he sat there for a minute, looking at everyone through the glass, then he barfed again and ate the barf again. Seriously, animals are disgusting.
This guy, who knows a thing or twenty about barf himself, was worn out. We're already talking about and strategizing  for our next trip to the zoo. Next time, more time at the farm, and we'll skip the bird house and go straight to the flamingos.


  1. Ew.

    No, I mean EWWWWWWW!

    I can't even. I always make a detour around the primate area for this exact reason.


    1. I now you'll know what I'm remembering every time I hear someone refer to the "beauty and majesty of nature".

  2. Aww, how fun! I mean, gross about the animal feces thing, but you know, whatever. He looks so cute in his hat!

    1. Thanks! I'm obsessed with putting him in hats. Baby girls get cute frilly dresses, baby boys get cute, fun hats as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Meghan, I had no idea that gorillas and orangutans were so disgusting until we were at the zoo and saw the aforementioned animals doing EXACTLY what you said. I literally gagged... and gag again every time I think about it. Ugh. Yuck. Not a monkey person.


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