Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chatty Strangers and Other Random Things

1. I ate lunch at Dupont Circle today and a man came up and hit on me. It was glorious. I can't tell you the last time someone hit on me. He also couldn't believe I was 31. He was a big time boost to my ego. (Don't worry. I told him I was married. He took off not long after that.)

2. A couple of LDS missionaries also approached me at lunch today. Here's the thing: I don't know how to make it clear to them that I don't want to hear their pitch while at the same time being polite. I get that they're passionate their religion and they think they're being helpful by sharing it with me but I'm totally not interested. I have some LDS friends, for whom I have tremendous respect, so perhaps that's why I'm not good with setting my boundaries, but I've researched their religion and it's not for me. I respect their beliefs but I think they should respect my beliefs too, by not making me listen to their spiel. Tell me what to say to them next time so they don't waste five minutes and one of their pamphlets on me.

3. After my suitor and the missionaries, I got approached by a lady offering to do a tarot card reading for me for $1. I must have had an "APPROACH ME STRANGERS" sign on my back today.

4. Yesterday, a flea jumped on my forehead while I was on the bus. It was both gross and confusing. Since when do fleas ride the bus?

5. Last night, I had an idea about upcycling an old cookie container into a planter and Chuk (jokingly) called me a hoarder. I love that show, by the way.

6. I still haven't bought plane tickets to California for Thanksgiving yet. It's making me nervous. It's probably going to cost me a fortune now.


  1. That is a strange turn of events for you! How weird. Glad you got hit on, but I have no idea how to turn off missionaries. I'd like to know too!

  2. Re the God Squad, how about:
    "Gentlemen, I need to interrupt you. I understand that you're passionate about the desire to share your religion with others. However, I am not interested. I have my own private beliefs. You need to find some other people who want to listen to what you have to say."
    I say something like this when the LDS guys talk to me at bus stops. Sometimes one will say, "You have your own private beliefs? What are they?"
    My response: "Private."
    You don't have to be rude. In fact, you shouldn't be. Just say it in a courteous, matter-of-fact way and wish them luck. It helps if you have a book to open up at that point.


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