Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Natural Solution for Teething

It feels totally weird to offer a child care tip for Works for me Wednesday considering I don't have any kids, but I thought of this idea when my eleven month old niece was visiting a couple of weeks ago.

Her mom forgot to bring her teething ring, but I wanted her to have some relief for her sore little gums. My quick, easy, free solution was to simply freeze some water in popsicle molds and then give them to her. Because it was a whole popsicle, it didn't present a choking hazard (we were supervising her though) and because it was just water it didn't stain anything as it melted (an important factor in my non-childproofed home.)


  1. Clever! We used icy washcloths, which my kids liked. You could do popsicles made of a watered down juice for a little flavor and happy baby, too.

  2. Perfection! I'm gonna go find some plastic popsicle molds!



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