Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Dork

Is anyone else super excited about the royal wedding? I'm super excited and my friends are making fun of me for it.

I had grand dreams of a royal wedding slumber party where my girlfriends would come over and we'd eat fancy British food like crumpets and cucumber sandwiches and stay up all night watching the wedding coverage. Sadly, all my friends have to work on Friday and they all think the wedding is lame so I'll be partying all by my lonesome. I have my DVR set up to record 12.5 hours of BBCAmerica on Friday. So that's what I'm doing on Friday.

I think it's going to be epic, but I am kind of sick of people referring to it as the "wedding of the century". In thirty years, Williams and Kate's kid is going to get married and I'm sure that's going to be the "wedding of the century" too, just like Charles and Diana's wedding was the "wedding of the century" thirty years ago.


  1. Shhhhh...but yes, I am. Been a huge "fan" for years. I've been watching some of the stuff on BBC America and other network channels.

    I won't be getting up early to watch, but since my company published some books about the "family" recently, I have to keep up with the news. So I might just be watching replayed coverage later that day. Have fun.

    And ITA w/ you re: wedding of the century. How about wedding of the year?

  2. Erm, I couldn't care less. Although, it's kind of fun to see all of Kate's clothes. They're pretty! I'll up doing research stuff, so it'll probably be on my TV.

    You know what I think is just odd? They don't kiss in church, so they have *planned* a staged kiss (complete with rehearsals to figure out media angles and such!) on a balcony at Buckingham Palace. Good grief, that's a lot of pressure!

  3. I am *so* getting up early to watch! I think a watching party would be fun, but it's the day after our wedding anniversary, so we'll be out later to dinner that night and getting up early will be hard enough without a party to worry about. But I'm so excited to watch it. :) I'll be crying!


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