Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Glimpse of My Future...


I did a lot of babysitting last week. I watched the little girl pictured above for three days while her daddy, who normally stays home with her, was out of state on business. Remember when she was born? What a difference four months makes!

I only watched this little guy for an afternoon, but he was none too pleased about it. He is nine months and going through that "I only want my mama" phase. Although, to be fair, I was his first babysitter.

His parents were best friends with my husband when they were all undergrads. Sadly, they are moving from our neighborhood to Baltimore. I took him on a walk and to the park so his mom could pack without him unpacking behind her.

Even though I had to deal with a diaper explosion on the former and a lot of crying with the latter, both babies were a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll have my own little one to play with soon.


  1. Ah, diaper explosion. The joys of babysitting! But you're right, babies are super fun. Especially when you give them back to their parents ;).

  2. It's amazing how much MORE fun they are when they're YOURS! We had a diaper explosion at church on SUnday that landed Katherine in the bathroom sink...nekkid. It was bad...but so FUNNY!!!


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