Thursday, July 7, 2011

Band Meeting

This morning, over breakfast, Chuk and I hammered out band names. If he ever has a band, he's going to name it Waning Gibbous after one of the phases of the moon, you know, because he's a nerd. If I ever have a band, I'm going to name it Playlist, because I'm cool and it would be all ironic and stuff to have a Playlist playlist.

I'm really glad we got that all figured out since neither of us plays an instument or sings, so there's a super high probability that we'll need to have band names ready to go at a moment's notice. What do you talk about at breakfast? I hope you're as random as we are.

All this talk of awesome bands has me thinking of a particular awesome band that I miss.


  1. Chuk's band name is so great! I think he needs to figure out a way to create a band just to have it named that.

  2. Just tonight we decided on a band called Weaponized Candy (named after what happens when you put Pop Rocks on a Frozen Margarita - they shoot all over the place!)

    hahahaha :)

    I saw Flight of the Conchords in concert once and it was so hilariously awesome. I want them to make more music! If you like them, you should check out Garfunkel and Oates and Jonathan Coulton.

  3. Weaponized Candy is a great name too. (How did I not know that's what Pop Rocks and a margarita is called? Sounds like it could be my new favorite drink!)

    I saw FOTC in concert too. It was so fun. Mel (Kristen Schaal) was the opening act.


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