Monday, February 20, 2012

In Praise of the Boring Weekend

Last Saturday, Chuk decided to teach himself to make pretzels. He spent most of the weekend perfecting his technique.

Then, this most recent Saturday night, he suggested we go shopping for lamp shades. We debated the merits of cream versus white shades at length. We went to three different stores and ultimately bought nothing.

I've only been married for a couple of years now, but apparently these are what my weekends are going to look like from now on...and I couldn't be more pleased about it.


  1. Those look amazing. Does he ship? :)

    Re: lamp shades. We need new ones too, however, I am not having good luck finding ones that I like and that are in all of the sizes we need. I think. Not to mention, most are pricey. I think I might have found some that will work from Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn, but....yeahhh, pricey for me. Plus, I'll have to order them since either store isn't close by.

  2. A boring weekend, I love it! Those are the best. :0

  3. Those pretzels look dang good! I always encourage my husband to follow through with cooking/baking desires. :)


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