Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Planning

I know lots of people think Valentine's Day is dumb, but I don't. I like the whole fancy dinner and exchanging gifts hoopla. The other day I was online looking for a restaurant for us to go to Valentine's Day and was feeling kind of discouraged because nothing was looking that great to me. I wanted to go somewhere new, but none of the restaurants jumped out at me. Chuk walked in the room and I asked if he even wanted to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day. Turns out, he wasn't that excited about going out either.

So we decided that this year we're not going to exchange gifts and we're going cook a fancy dinner together (and by "fancy dinner" I mean not what we have everyday, not necessarily something actually fancy like lobster and filet mignon) and then play a game or watch a movie. I'm really excited about the plan. It feels so right for where we are at this point in our life.

I've spent $2 on Valentine's Day this year. I got the card for free after seeing this deal. The heart shaped box of chocolates and the package of his favorite candy each cost a buck.

What, if anything, are you planning for Valentine's Day?


  1. We're in a similar boat. We've realized that restaurants change things up too much for just ONE night, even our favorite, low key, places, so we've stopped going out on the actual day. One year, we went to a local place with certain dishes in mind. Nope, they had a selected menu. That was it. It was annoying but it was getting late and we were hungry.

    IF we go out for V day (and that's a big if), it'll be the weekend before or after. A Tuesday night for us just isn't easy with both of us working long days and then dealing with the other people rushing around. Nah, I'd rather have PB & J in front of the TV! :) Which, we won't be having, I can't tell you the last time I had one of those...

  2. I love your Valentine's Day plans! I think those dates are the best. I won't be doing anything with my dear husband for the holiday this year, because he's in France! We'll celebrate that and our anniversary all rolled into one the next time we see each other, hopefully in May.


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