Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Which I Brag

Right now, Chuk is at his Jeopardy audition. I'm so excited for him getting to take the second big step towards crossing this off his bucket list.

To help him prepare, I gave him a haircut and played a trivia game with him. Notice we're tied in the picture below. I could never be on Jeopardy though because I'm too darn slow in thinking of the answers.

In other husband related happenings, earlier this week, we learned he won one of only four fellowships for Outstanding First Year Graduate Student.

And because I never want to forget this, last Sunday Chuk called out to me from the kitchen, "I think I'm nesting." He was scrubbing the range hood at the time. When he finished, he washed all the cabinet fronts and then wiped the baseboards. Yes, I think he was nesting. He's the cutest and I'm the luckiest.

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  1. That's awesome about his audition! Good luck and break a leg to him! :)


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