Monday, April 16, 2012

In Which I Don't Brag

Remember yesterday when I got all brag-y about my husband? Well I'm taking it all back now. He's supposedly been in class for the last hour, but I just logged onto Facebook and 22 minutes ago he posted a badge that he got a 40 point word in Words With Friends. WTF, dude???

I'm glad we're paying thousands of dollars a semester for you to keep up with Words With Friends. Who can I talk to about revoking that Outstanding First Year Graduate Student award?

Back in my day, there were no smart phones in grad day being five whole years ago.


  1. Seriously, I hate knowing that Hubs is in class and he's playing around or worse, gchatting with me! I know he is somewhat paying attention, but still.

  2. Oh!!!! I can so identify. My husband will be playing Words with Friends....AT WORK!!!!! Then he'll call me to ask me why I haven't moved yet. Um. Because? I am WORKING? Then he has the balls to complain about how his job is so hard.

    Don't get me wrong, he does have his tough days and is way underpaid/overeducated, but damn, dude, I NEVER have time to screw off and play internet games (I think they are blocked via FB, and if I bring in my iPad, I'll never get any work done). I'm lucky I get a few minutes to comment on blogs!

    How'd he do at the Jeopardy interview?


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