Friday, April 20, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. My mom sent me flowers this week. It was only the second time in my life I've ever had flowers delivered to me. Such a nice treat!

2. I occasionally watch 16 & Pregnant and what strikes me again and again is they all have fake nails, highlighted hair, and eat out all the time, yet they complain about not having money to raise a baby. Obviously, that's not my biggest issue with the show, but it does make me question what some people think are essential expenses nowadays.

3. On Monday, I had an ultrasound (it was only my second) and saw baby's face for the first time. I could see its teeth in its jaw. Weird!

4. On Tuesday, I got two hours of acupuncture to induce labor and it was also weird. I have what I'm calling tacks in ears and ankles that I have to press simultaneously for five minutes a day. (Chuk helps me.) I also have instructions to swish water in my mouth before I drink it and orders to do six sets of squats twelve times a day, but also to rest as much as possible.

5. Chuk did really well at the Jeopardy audition. We'll find out in the next 18 months if he made the show or not, but he's officially in the contestant pool. When I told my grandpa about it over the phone, he got excited and said, "I can't believe we might have a TV star in the family" in his thick Louisiana drawl. It was super cute.

6. My cat's favorite place to sit is normally on my lap, but for the last few months she hasn't been able to sit there because I have virtually no lap. A few days ago, she managed to eek out a little spot for herself on my lap and the baby kicked her relentlessly. The sibling rivalry begins already.

7. My husband's been watching lots of Formula One lately. All I have to say about car racing is that it's absolutely not a sport. (Also, it's super boring.)

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  1. lol, I love watching 16 and pregnant and teen mom! I would probably have fake nails and eat out a lot if I still lived with my parents :)

  2. The flowers are sweet!

    Yeah, so many people (pregnant or not) complain about money and then take expensive trips to Vegas or have other luxuries.

    Soon you'll see baby's face for real! How exciting!

  3. I love getting flowers delivered. That was so nice of your mom!

  4. I love Accupuncture! I went leading up to getting pregnant and actually miss the stress relief but it was too pricey for daily life. Also cats and babies are a tough combination. Our cat started off with the upper hand but as soon as the baby learned to crawl the tides turned :)

  5. It sounds like a busy week for you! I have never had accupuncture, but would like to try it one day. The flowers are very pretty! Have a great weekend. Juli

  6. Agreed about that tv show. There are so many people that have priority issues it's crazy. Like my sister that always complains shes broke but has money for cigarettes.


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