Friday, January 22, 2010

I Can Do Whatever I Want

You know how being an adult sucks like 99% of the time? You have to go to work. You have to clean the smelly stuff out of the fridge. You have to pay bills. You have to worry about insurance. The list continues ad nauseam.

At 6:15 am I discovered one awesome thing about being an adult: I can do whatever I want.

I had just finished eating my oatmeal and was rinsing my bowl out in the sink and suddenly I really wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. My first thought was, "You can't have a grilled cheese sandwich. It's 6:15 in the morning and you just ate breakfast." My second thought was, "Who cares? I can do whatever I want." (Yes, I back-talked myself.) What an amazing realization! Adults can do whatever they want.

I can stay up as late as I want. I can go out on school nights. I don't have to do my chores until I feel like it. I can't be grounded. Whatever I want. Even if I want to eat a grilled cheese sandwich before sunrise, I can do it. So suck it, kids with your carefree lifestyles! Being an adult is awesome.

What do you love about being an adult?


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I like this post. It's a good reminder of one of the benefits of adulthood!

  2. Amen to grilled cheese in the morning. I am all about being an adult recently. Buying a house has really done a number on me. Like today I walked into the garage and I realized that this was MY garage. I was an adult with a garage. It was weird. But good. I know that isn't exactly what you were getting at with your post- but oh well. = )

    I do like getting to eat what I want when I want- but in reality, I still can't really do that. I'd get sick ! ha.

  3. Thanks for visiting my site today :) Not to burst your bubble but - once you have kids, no more doing whatever you want :( You're at a great point in your life right now although it might not seem that way with the economy and all. As much as I can't do what I want much anymore - I wouldn't change it for anything ;o) Hmm.. I think I'll have a grilled chz now, even if I did just eat lunch..

  4. Forgot to say - checkout the back of the Redbook magazine each month. They have a page called "You Know You're Now a Grown-up When.." It'll crack you up!

  5. i can stay up late!

  6. i love talking to myself!! you cracked me up. and i'm sorry that i have to agree with mum in bloom - it changes when you have kids. i can't eat chocolate whenever i want because then i'd have to share to teach politeness. so i am the queen of eating chocolate while hiding behind the open cupboard door.

  7. I love that being a grown-up means I can do things differently from my own parents.

    Ruby's very favorite breakfast is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat. My own mom would never have allowed me that. I have a little burst of independance everytime I make Ruby one!

  8. Mmm, grilled cheese and tomato soup are a serious comfort meal for me! What's to say they're not breakfast food? Toast is breakfast food. Cheese is often found in omelets, also breakfast food. What's not to love?

    liveoncejuicy - my kids routinely have PB&J for breakfast, with milk and a piece of fruit. It seems like a well rounded meal to me.


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