Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank You, Captain Obvious

My husband and I have been emailing back and forth to help the day pass more quickly, which includes making plans to have lunch together tomorrow at Dupont Circle. He suggested we go get a Krispy Kreme donut for dessert afterwards. I quickly agreed and then thought, “I bet we could make donuts.” Then I realized, “We could probably make anything.” This apparently is the week for realizing the obvious.

But seriously, have you ever realized that if there’s a food you like, you could probably just make it? I’ve always been into cooking, but I don’t think I’ve ever framed it in that way. It’s empowering to think that if I eat at a delicious restaurant I can try to emulate the food instead of saving up my pennies to go out to eat there again.

One time I was talking to my BFF on the phone and he said in the most earnest voice ever, “Meg, I just realized something. Windows are walls that you can see through.” I laughed at him and then I was like, “Totally, Dude.” That’s probably why we’re friends. (And that’s how I talk in real life. Sad, but true.)

Do you ever have revelations of the obvious?


  1. This made me laugh - you're so right. I probably COULD make it. I don't...but I totally COULD.

  2. heh - yup. ANd I say "dude" too!
    Last week I saw a blogger canning clementines - and I am a canner, but I NEVER THOUGHT that I could can citrus. Just never occurred to me. I guess I thought it had to grow around here for me to can it. Duh.


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