Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Money Saving Kitchen Tool

One of the best ways to save money in the kitchen is to waste NOTHING. The best tool to help you do this (besides your creativity) is a rubber spatula. I use it to get the last bit of batter from the bowl and to get the reside from the sides of cans and jars.

If your containers don't look clean after getting the food out, you haven't gotten all the food out yet. You can get an extra cookie or muffin from the sides of a bowl and whole extra serving out of an "empty" jar of peanut butter, mayonnaise, jam, tomato sauce, etc. just by scraping with a spatula. That's real food you'd otherwise be throwing away.

My spatulas work for me; I use them everyday. Little by little, they have more than paid for themselves over the years in food savings.

What tools save you money?


  1. I LOVE my spatulas too! ANd I paid good money to get silicon ones that are all one piece (not more yucky mildew inside the head). It's great to be able to scrape out the saute pan or other hot pans.

    I would love to justify the purchase of a home-seltzer maker (whatever it's called). I dearly love carbonation and if I could transform my tap water. . . .ahhhh. I would drink fizzy all the time. But alas, the model I saw was priced at $250. That's A LOT of seltzer before I would see savings. And I am careful to recycle my bottles (that was an argument in favor of buying one).

  2. I agree!! I have 3 spatulas, all of which are red and black. Love them!!


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