Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making Getting Ready Just a Little Easier

I recently had another "no duh" moment. I shower at night, but put my deodorant on in the morning when I get dressed. All these years I had been keeping my deodorant in the bathroom, because, well, that's where deodorant goes, right? Well, it finally occurred to me, that the number one rule of organization--store it where you use it--could apply to my deodorant too.

I'm now keeping my deodorant in my bedroom, where it is so much more convenient and streamlines my getting ready in the morning. This idea probably won't work for everybody, especially those who shower in the morning, but it works for me.


  1. I do that too. It is so much easier having it in the bedroom. My daughter has hers now in her bedroom too.

  2. I have a clinical strength deodorant that is supposed to be put on at night, after shower, so it's in the bathroom and I don't deal with it in the morning at all. I did move my hair brush into the bedroom, though, since I can then brush my hair without taking up bathroom space!

  3. Great tip for those who don't shower in the morning!

  4. I *do* shower in the morning, but I keep my deodorant in the bedroom and don't put it on until I'm partly dressed, because I think it works better if I'm completely dry than if I'm still damp and in a steamy bathroom. But the reason I *started* keeping it in the bedroom was sharing the bathroom with several people and needing to get out of their way quickly after shower!

  5. I analyzed all my toiletries for where I use them when we moved into our house. I made some surprising discoveries!
    I keep/use my deodorant in my bedroom too.


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