Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Girly Party

Last Thursday, I had the ladies over to watch the season premiere of Project Runway. We were having such a good time I didn't manage to take any pictures. The one above is from the aftermath the next morning.

I encouraged everyone to wear an advant garde outfit and wild shoes and hats so things started out on a festive note. The party didn't start until after dinner, so I just served nibbles and cocktails which I described in the invitation as frou-frou food and girly drinks.
The menu:
Cucumber sandwiches
Crab salad on crackers
Peach sangria

I know; I know. I always make chicken satay, but it's always such a hit so I keep it up. It was my first time making peach sangria, but everyone seemed to like it; I know I did.

I know cupcakes and miniature desserts are all the rage now, but I buck the trend and make their full-size cousins. Here's why:
1) It's easier to make one big thing rather than 30 little things. All that scooping takes time and requires more clean up.
2) It looks more impressive. A whole cake or a whole pie is it's own centerpiece. It steals the show.
3) No one else makes big desserts anymore so even though it's easier people act like you've slaved away when really you haven't.

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