Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Closing Bags if You're Ghetto

We use chip clips a lot at our house. We use them for pancake mix, frozen veggies, brown sugar, cereal, and, of course, chips, amongst other things. Unfortunately, because they're so well used, we don't have enough chip clips to go around at our house. I make do by simply closing bags using binder clips.

Using office supplies in the pantry makes me feel a little trashy, but not enough to actually go out and spend money buying more chip clips. Binder clips work for me.


  1. Hahaha, we use clothespins since we don't have a clothesline (yet)! I've never bought an actual chip clip, now that I think about it...

    Hubs likes to use twist ties on things, but I'm not a fan...

  2. We use clothes pins, and we did that growing up and we had money. Clothes pins are the best! I've used binder clips in a crunch.. but they don't seem to work as well as clothes pins.

  3. Oh, I'm ghetto then! :)
    I love using binder clips for bags of all sorts. Way stronger than any chip clip I've ever used...and way cheaper!


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