Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are You Freaking Kidding Me: Locked Doors Edition

What’s the deal with people yanking, pulling, and then tugging on doors that won’t open? It’s pretty apparent to me that they’re locked. Just give it up.

I can’t tell you how unnerving it is to be on the other side of a restroom stall that someone is just refusing to accept is occupied. I mean, I know I locked it, but those stalls aren’t Fort Knox. If you jerk the door hard enough, it’s going to open. Ladies, one gentle push or pull should be enough to establish the stall is occupied. If you really think someone is pulling one over on you, knock on the door. I’ll be more than happy to tell you it’ll be “Just a minute”. This shouldn’t be so confusing; I figured it out when I was 5. Either head to another stall or start a line.

I’ve also observed this phenomenon at stores that were closed. The other night Chuk and I made a late ice cream run because I needed a milkshake. (Personal turmoil makes me crave junk food.) The grocery store closest to our house closes at 10:00pm. We got in there with about 5 minutes to spare. By the time we were back in our car (carton of ice cream in hand) it was after ten o’clock. We sat in that car with melting ice cream watching some guy first park illegally in the fire lane (with his emergency flashers on, as if that makes it ok) get out and stand in front of the grocery store’s door waiting for it to open automatically. When it didn’t, he started violently pushing on the glass door. Still, it wouldn’t budge. So he walked over to the side and was looking through the windows to see if anybody was inside. They were, so naturally he began to bang on the windows and wave at the clerks who were presumably trying to close out their registers.

It was pretty funny, but it also pissed me off. First of all, the hours of operation are posted all over the doors and windows; figure out it’s closed Guy. Second, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Why should some hard-working person who has been on her feet all day have to stay after closing because you couldn’t get there two minutes earlier? We rushed to the store looking like homeless people to be there before it closed and he could have too. Third, across the parking lot is a 24-hour CVS. Any “emergency” items he needed would have been there. All the shoving and banging just wasn’t necessary.

Moral of the story: Get a clue people. Doors lock, even on you.

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  1. That was my Husband and it was because I was preggo and demanding a gourmet ice cream at ten pm.



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