Thursday, August 27, 2009

Black in Action

+ = ?

All my life I’ve been a blonde…until yesterday. Now I have black hair. Ever since seeing the movie Walk the Line, almost four years ago, I have thought about becoming a brunette because I thought it looked so good on Reese Witherspoon. It really made her eyes stand out.

I’m not saying I look like Reese Witherspoon, but because I also had blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin, I thought I could pull it off. Little did I know that “dark ash brown” on the box of hair color really meant black. While it doesn’t look terrible, it certainly isn’t the look I was going for.

I can’t recolor my hair for another two weeks. Then I’m going to start the process of lightening it back up. I’m afraid of people’s reaction to it in the meantime. So far, only Chuk has seen it. He just keeps staring at me. He says he's "Getting used to it."

So if you're a natural blonde and are thinking about going darker, go lighter than you think, because it's easier to go darker than to go lighter if you don't get the shade you want.

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