Friday, December 11, 2009

Eating Crow

Well, just as I was feeling proud for being on-budget and on-schedule with all my holiday preparations, the universe has decided to smack me in the face.

The first point is totally and completely my fault. I made a major miscalculation. We knew we wanted to send out holiday cards this year because we had skipped it last year, but I came up with an idea for a pictorial newsletter that tells everyone about our year through photographs rather than through words. I thought it would be cheaper than buying cards and more appreciated since it is more personal than a card and different from the standard holiday newsletter. Well, after using up a colored ink cartridge printing the first side of the first half of the total number we need (in essence, only 25% of the way through the print job) I have learned that this is not going to be cheaper than buying cards. I knew it would use a lot of ink; I just didn’t think it would be this much. But that’s the point…I just didn’t think. The new ink isn’t going to arrive until next week, so our “cards” might be late which makes me feel lazy and stupid.

The second thing that’s come up is that the number of guests we’re expecting for Christmas has doubled. This will be our first time ever hosting a holiday. We were expecting just my mom and her husband to come, because everyone else told us they weren’t coming, but then my aunt called me last night and said she and her husband and daughter are going to come too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled they’ll be here, but now I have to buy three more presents and figure out how to fit seven people around my four-seat table that will not hold more than six people.

And finally, and this is the real issue, I’m just having a crappy week. I know neither of the above things would be so bad if I was in the right frame of mind, but I’m not. I’ve been upset for the past week and keeping afloat in my everyday life is enough, I don’t want to deal with any extra problems.

So if you ever get discouraged because everyone in blog-land acts like their life is happy and perfect, know that I do too. If you ever feel like quitting, know that I do too. If you ever have crappy weeks, know that I do too.


  1. Great to know that I am NOT alone! Although my heart goes out to you!
    I think we have weeks like this to show us that when it is good and or boring we will appreciate it LOL!
    I would take my dull boring life back in a second but I would have missed all the people who have really show up for us in the past few months when our life was completely turned upside down!
    Hang in there ~ next week WILL be better!

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