Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Remember Y2K? Is it just me or does it seem crazy that that was TEN years ago? What a difference a decade makes!

Ten years ago, I was in California, home on Christmas break, and would go out for a wild New Year’s Eve with a group of girlfriends from high school, as was my tradition then. I was entering my junior in college. My boyfriend, Andrew, and I had just broken up (for the first of many times) because he was moving to Italy. He still called me everyday though.

Six years ago, I was living in China. I had a big party in my apartment with lots of people from all over the world. It was fun, but I was single and I missed having someone to kiss at midnight.

Four years ago, Chuk and I celebrated our first New Year’s Eve together. We had been dating for less than a month and I went to a party at his house. That night was the first time he ever told me he loved me and, funnily enough, the first time I ever got mad at him.

Today is my first New Year’s Eve as a wife. Over the last two or three days, Chuk has thrown together an impromptu party at our place for tonight. I hope to spend the afternoon at Ikea while Chuk finishes cleaning up for the party. (Our houseguests just left this morning.) I expect it all, the rest of the day and tonight, to be relaxed and low-key.

These last ten years have encompassed the best and worst times of my life. I’ve experienced a lot of loss, but a lot of growth too. I spent my 20s figuring out who I am and what I want and I hope that this next decade, my 30s, I’ll figure out how to get it.

A very happy New Year’s Eve to all of you out there in cyberspace. I’m so glad Y2K didn’t wipe out all the computers because it allowed us to meet. I look forward to sharing this next year with you all.

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  1. I love having someone to kiss at midnight. :) It's the best.


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