Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Post Office Delivers

Yesterday was the post office's busiest day of the year, so I went today...three times. Which I suppose makes today my busiest post office day of the year.

The first time I went, the post office was closed for lunch. (I'm still trying to figure that out.) The second trip was to a different post office. The line was out-the-door long, so I stood in the automated postal machine line, which only took about ten minutes. (If you haven't tried these machines at the post office yet, you should. They're great.) But, when I went to enter my brother's zip code, the machine didn't recognize it. My brother, who has recently moved, told me the wrong zip code. As Charlie Brown would say, Good Grief! I mailed my sister's package and got stamps for all my pictorial holiday newsletters (or "Christmas cards") though. I went home, looked up the zip code, changed the address on his package and "card" and made my third trip to the post office to finally get that mailed. What a relief. It's another big thing crossed off my to-do list.

Have you checked out the post office's website lately? It's full of interesting information. Did you know you can get your Christmas cards postmarked from the North Pole? You can also find out the cut-off dates by which you need to get things mailed to have them arrive by Christmas.

Even though the lines are long, I have been so impressed by the post office this year. I'm getting my mail SO quickly. The ink I ordered very late Thursday night got to my door yesterday even though it was shipping to Virginia from San Diego. Even things that aren't being sent priority mail are taking about 2-3 days to ship cross-country. I think that's impressive.


  1. 3 times in one day? I think you win! I was there today and the line was out the door - always so crazy this time of year.

  2. As a postal wife, who barely sees her husband during the weeks in December before Christmas because he's working 70+hours a week to man an understaffed office, I can attest that it's very nice to hear someone compliment the Postal Service. Thank you!


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