Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Hour at Home: Randy Rebecca

We had a little party last Friday. It was just a few friends over to watch the hockey game. Sadly, our team lost, but we all still had a good time anyway.

We kept the food really simple--a big bowl of spaghetti, a big bowl of cold pasta salad and a loaf of sliced French bread. The pasta salad was made the night before and left to sit in the fridge all day Friday. We started boiling the dried spaghetti when we got home from work and the sauce was from a jar. Admittedly, not ideal, but these are the realities of weekday entertaining.

Also on Thursday night, Chuk made a two-layer round chocolate cake, which he hoped would look like a hockey puck. It didn't, but the result was still delicious.

We had an open bar, as usual. (We're still trying to use up all our wedding alcohol.) Our funny friend, Rebecca, invented the following drink which we were all quite skeptical of to begin with, but it was actually tasty. I've decided to name it the "randy" Rebecca because as she was drinking it, she was telling us hilarious off-color stories about her college days, which I won't repeat here.

Randy Rebecca

Ginger Ale
Coconut Rum

Mix together in almost equal portions
(as Jessica says, she was "getting a little happy" with her drink) the soda and the rum. Serve on the rocks. (If you didn't want to get too "happy", I'd do two parts ginger ale to one part rum.)

She used Bacardi coconut rum, but I'm sure you could also use Malibu, Parrot Bay, or any other coconut rum.


  1. Sounds like fun and what a unique drink!

  2. I admire your hosting methods and philosophy! And, I'm totally going to make this drink for my friend Rebecca. I love the name you picked!


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