Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend I didn't:
Finish unpacking
Get all my laundry done
Clean my desk
Clean my bedroom
Pay my pet sitter
Return emails
Sweep the kitchen
Write and schedule future blog posts

But I did:
Go to the grocery store
Made a cake
Celebrated a belated Easter with my husband
Go on a spontaneous picnic (Grocery store sushi & a park bench is all you need!)
Wash one load of laundry
Reorganized one drawer
Take two naps

I can live with it. Sometimes what I do do (take care of myself, take care of my relationship, keep things moving forward in the house) is enough to make up for what I don't do (everything, perfection).


  1. hey, what a smart way to make a list! I might try that on my blog. You seem to have a very balanced approach to homemaking and living.

  2. Sometimes just marking SOMETHING off the list is better than nothing!


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