Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Protecting the Homefront

I try to be eco-friendly, but when it comes to six-legged home invaders, I make compromises. I've tried all the green bug killers, but none of them have worked for me. I have to go for the hard-core poison. I spent the afternoon spraying the apartment. Hopefully, this will keep the creepy crawlies away until next year.


  1. I try to be good to the environment too, but that stuff just works so much better than the green products!

  2. I've had some luck sprinkling cinnamon along doorways and windows where ant-idiots try to come in my house. Don't they know there is more food outside than in?

    Do you spray this stuff outside or in? Cause this year the ant-dweebs have decided to invade the garage. There is nothing to eat in there you ant-jerks!

  3. I spray it inside because I live in an apartment, so insects coming in from other apartments is more likely than them coming in from outside.


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