Sunday, May 15, 2011


Do you want to read super-personal things about me? I thought so.

Yesterday, I had to run out of the library so I could throw up on the lawn multiple times.

My boobs are so big I had to buy a new bra. Speaking of boobs, my nipples are so sensitive that it hurts when my shirt brushes against them.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

The problem with admitting I'm trying to have a baby is that I assume everything means I pregnant. The anxiety every month sucks. I can't even take a pregnancy test because it's too early.

On the plus side, Chuk saw his doctor last week and he took him off the medication that likely reduced his sperm count (it reduces it to zero for 90% of men who take it) and the doctor has ordered sperm count tests for now and a month from now. The doctor is hopeful the count could be back to normal levels within three months. At least we're on the right track.

So there's every personal thing you ever (didn't) want to know about me. Did it make you want to barf? Well, at least you didn't do it in front of the library. Talk about embarrassing!

I'm lusting after the rocker above. It is totally going in my imaginary baby's room.


  1. I can only imagine that every little symptom would make you run for the pregnancy test. Hopefully it'll be positive when you get to take it this time. :)

  2. In addition to the puking and the new bras, are you also strangely tired? If so, I'm leaning heavily towards pregnancy. Also, if they are pregnancy symptoms, and they're that prominent, you can take a home pregnancy test. The change in bra size doesn't usually occur until your body processes the pregnancy hormone, which means it will come thru on a test.

    I'm 17 weeks pregnant with #2. Maybe you'll be sharing the rest of the journey with me? And you'd be due late Dec or early Jan like I was with my first daughter. ;)

  3. I can so relate - every time something happens to me I'm googling "could this be related to pregnancy?" ....*sigh* I feel like an idiot when God proves me wrong...yet AGAIN.


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