Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sickness Statistics

7: Days feeling crappy

3: Number of massages I forced my husband to give me because I was so ache-y

2: Number of boxes of kleenex I have gone through

13: Average number of hours a day I have been sleeping

0: Number of days this week I have done my chores (Zero is also the number of clean plates we have in the cabinet. Go figure.)

1: Number of jumbo bags of cough drops I have consumed

2: Number of days Chuk had to stay home from work

6: Number of days we have slept in separate rooms

Good news is, I think we're on the mend. Chuk is 100% better and I am spending fewer and fewer of my waking hours lying on the living room floor moaning. Thank goodness because we're off to Alaska next week. Yay!


  1. That just sounds awful! I hope you feel *much* better soon!

  2. Being sick is no fun. Hopefully you'll feel better before your Alaska trip! Sounds like a blast. :)

  3. Oh, no! Rest up! You definitely don't want to be sick for your Alaska trip.


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