Monday, May 9, 2011

Scenes from the Weekend

My father-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece came to stay with us this weekend and we had a wonderful time. I have not always had the closest relationship with my in-laws, but I really feel like we got a lot closer to each other this weekend. We had a lot of fun and several heart-to-heart talks. This weekend was the first Mothers' Day since my mother-in-law died and Wednesday is her birthday. We were all feeling pretty emotional, but it allowed us to get real with each other in a way we haven't before. I feel really good about it.

It wasn't all seriousness though. We spent time relaxing at home:

Playing Atari (yes, Atari) after the "monkey" went to bed.

We explored the National Building Museum:
This picture makes my heart tingle. I can hardly wait to see him as a dad.

We played at the park:

Not pictured is the celebration of my father-in-law's birthday, dinner at a local Thai restuarant, monkey's first tantrum, monkey's first ride on the metro, and my husband and all my in-laws falling asleep in the living room while trying to wait for Saturday Night Live to come on.

Also, the sore throats Chuk and I have now. We suspect the culprit might be too many baby kisses on the mouth because she is recovering from strep throat, but we hope we're wrong. Getting strep would suck. I feel like I just got over bronchitis; I've already paid my sickness dues. The kisses were worth it though. She is the sweetest.


  1. Well, hey there Meghan! It's always nice to get comments on my blog, and even nicer when their from a fellow member of the Meghan-with-an-H club!

  2. She's absolutely precious! How old...just shy of 2?

  3. She sure is cute!! And I think he's going to be a sweet daddy :)


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