Monday, February 28, 2011


I was sick all weekend. Being sick over the weekend is the worst. I went to the doctor on Friday though and found out I have acute bronchitis, so I don't feel quite as silly for complaining when I thought it was just a cold.

I found out my neighbor has bronchitis too. We are both having halucinations from it. My new idea is for us to make a public service announcement together in which we look at the camera and tell kids, "Don't do drugs. If you want to get high, let us cough in your face and you'll have all the hallucinations you want without fear of overdose." I tell you what, this idea was hilarious to me during the middle of a coughing fit at 2:00 in the morning. Lack of oxygen to the brain much?

Saturday I was supposed to have lunch with a couple of girlfriends, but I had to cancel because I didn't think they'd appreciate me coughing all over their salads. I did go to a Salt N' Pepa concert Saturday night though, because the tickets were non-refundable, I didn't think my coughing would disturb anyone at a loud hip hop concert, and seeing Salt N' Pepa fufilled a sixth grade dream of mine. I felt like crap, but it was actually a really good show.

On Sunday, I forced myself to stay awake for the Academy Awards. Let's just say I was underwhelmed and I hope that next year they go back to the format of having a comedian hosting. It was just plain boring. Seriously.

Chuk knows how much I love award shows and tries to help me celebrate it. I think it's his way of saying thank you for all the football parties I throw for him. Last night he made OSCAR Meyer hot dogs for dinner and bought me STARburst candy to snack on during the show. (I know sugar is bad for me when I'm sick. I only ate two. I'm a model of self restraint.) He also made me a cake decorated with a star and an Oscar statuette.

When I first saw the cake all I could do was burst out laughing. My husband is good at a great many things. In fact, in the five plus years I've known him the only thing I've ever seen him do poorly is frosting. He is the worst cake and cupcake froster in the world. He knows how bad he is at it and he tried anyway, which I LOVE. It's so cute. I can imagine him as a four year old. A for effort.

Last weekend, we stayed with my in-laws because Chuk's oldest friend was visiting her mother and he wanted to see her while she was in the area. She lives in New Zealand and is a deaf interpreter. Awesome, no? In addition to hanging with his friend we got to spend some time with our niece who is an absolute delight.

I love it when she holds my hand. So cute!

Baby eats ice cream.

We also spent time walking around historic Smithfield, Virginia, which is best known for its hams, but should be known for its super-cute historic homes. Look! Pretty!

And that's how I spent the last two weekends. The end.


  1. I've never had bronchitis, and I hope I never do. Yuck! I hope you feel better!

  2. Oh dear, feel better!

    I'm glad you got to go to the concert, because Salt N Pepa! Awesome!


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