Friday, February 18, 2011

Containing Clutter

I love using origami boxes to organize my drawers. They're easy to make and free. I came across a product this week that inspired me to use this same technique to make catch-all boxes for our dressers and desks.

My local craft store was selling birch paper. I thought it was beautiful and knew I could use it for something. We always need little places to throw keys and change and other miscellany from our pockets. Because this is real wood, it looks good enough to keep out. Because it is paper, it can be manipulated.

I used this video to help me remember how to make a box. The birch paper is thick and it's difficult to work with. If it's your first time making an origami box, I suggest you practice it with scrap paper before using your decorative paper.

I'm always taking of my jewelry off in the evening while I'm on the computer, so this baby is going on my desk to catch my earrings and whatever else I'm mindlessly dropping. I have another piece of the birch paper I'm going to use to make a box for Chuk's dresser that he can use as a valet for his watch, ID badge and change.

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