Thursday, February 17, 2011

Celebrating Valentine's Day

I don't know how you feel about Valentine's Day. There seems to be two basic camps: the it's a commercial holiday and we should express how we feel everyday camp and the go all out camp. I'm somewhere in the middle. I do think it's overly commercial, but on the other hand, if I'm honest, I don't do a good enough job letting the people I love know how much they mean to me on a daily basis. I like having one day devoted to making them feel special.

Because we're trying to be budget conscious this year, Chuk and I agreed to make gifts for each other. We currently don't have a headboard on our bed and Chuk is always complaining because he's a pillow smusher and his pillow falls between the bed and the wall while he's sleeping. I decided to make him a bolster pillow that he could use to cover the gap.

I got a cheap bolster from TJ Maxx because it was less expensive than a pillow form and fabric I knew he would love from Etsy. My sewing skills are still majorly lacking, but the pillow looks OK from a distance.

I also made him a toothbrush holder because he didn't have one and it grosses me out when he just throws his toothbrush in his toiletries bag when we're traveling.

Both of these projects took me forever and made me realize I need to invest in a seam ripper. I'm trying to be patient with myself as I learn though.

Chuk came home on Monday with tulips and chocolate covered cherries from Trader Joe's. He also made me a crossword puzzle full of clues from our life. He is seriously talented. Do you know how hard it is to make a crossword puzzle?

His main present to me though was a movie he made from video and pictures from all our years together. It was so awesome. I thought about posting it here, but I'm still trying to keep this blog mostly anonymous so I'm not going to.

We went out to dinner in Old Town using a gift certificate. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should. (I'm not being compensated to say that.) I never pay more than $2 for a $25 gift certificate. The only catch is that you usually have to use the certificate on a purchase of $35 or more. Still, you're only paying $12 for $35 worth of food, plus tax and tip. We don't go out to eat very much, but when we do, this makes it a lot more affordable.

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  1. That's such a great way to celebrate! We ended up going out to lunch and husband bought me flowers. We don't usually exchange. But those were some great ideas on both your parts!


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