Thursday, February 3, 2011

Steelers' Fan

Get it? Get it? Get it? It's my husband's joke. He loves puns...and the Steelers. We have a Super Bowl party every year (this is our sixth!), but they're always extra special when the Steelers are playing.

This year, I'm changing things up by making a few decorations. Not many, and nothing hard, but this has been a tough week for Chuk at work and he has to work on Saturday, so I really want him to be able to let his hair down on Sunday.

To make the streamers, I took a piece of construction paper and cut it in half vertically. Then folded each piece vertically.

Keeping it folded, I drew short lines across the paper. These should be about half to one inch apart. I used the side of a deck of cards to measure and trace. It doesn't really matter. This is not an exacting project.

My hand looks totally deformed in this picture.

Next, keeping the paper folded, I cut along the lines until I was about a quarter inch from the edge. Then cut the next line from the opposite direction, again, not cutting all the way to the edge.

For instance, first cut the folded side almost all the way to the open side. For the next line, cut from the open side across the paper towards the folded side. Does this make sense? In the picture above I'm spreading apart the paper to try and demonstrate where I cut.

Using your lines, cut down the whole length of the paper, alternating sides.

Unfold the paper. Here if you stretch it apart a little, you'll see it looks like streamers. Continue folding and cutting until you get the length you want. This makes me feel productive while I'm sick and watching TV.

Hello Mr. Hangnail

To attach them together, I just place one segment on top of another and staple them together.

It would probably look better if you attached them with double sided tape, but I was almost out of tape so I used staples. No biggie. They're really not noticeable once you get them hung up.

I'm probably going to make two more streamers for my fan since it's looking a little bare in places. It only took me one and a half pieces of paper for each of the streamers above, so this craft is as cheap as it is easy.

Just like yo' momma. Get it? Get it? (Am I the only person here old enough to remember yo' momma jokes?)


  1. That's such a cute idea! Enjoy watching your team in the big game this weekend.

  2. No! Not a Steelers' Fan! Everyone coming to my house WILL be rooting for the Packers. Or they don't get fed. Mmk, I might be kidding about that, especially because my team isn't IN the Superbowl (::grumble::), but still...

    Have a fun party, and your fan is super cute!


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