Friday, February 4, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Barnes and Noble

If you are a bookworm or working towards a $100 holiday, today's Washington DC groupon might be for you. With it, you can get $20 worth of merchandise for $10 at Barnes & Noble. You can buy the Groupon for the next three days and the gift code is good for online and in-store purchases until April 11.

I have no affiliation with Barnes & Noble (in fact I won't be purchasing this deal because the library is even cheaper than this) or with Groupon, but I have used Groupon before and found the service to be easy to use.


  1. Thanks, Meghan! I missed the Amazon one a couple of weeks ago, because I was skeptical about whether or not it was legitimate. I also love the library (especially in Fairfax county...I always reserve things online and then just swing in and pick things convenient)! Occasionally, I'll find a title that the library doesn't have, though, and I'll need to hit up Amazon or B&N. And, I have to buy those dumb medical books too! (Although, someday my patients are probably not going to think that those expensive purchases were "dumb" :D)

  2. I love Groupon. It's magical. I bought the Chicago version of this yesterday and the St. Louis one today. Yay for books on my nook!


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