Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cotton Anniversary

My second wedding anniversary is at the end of the month. Let's not even get into how fast the last two years have gone. That's a nervous breakdown for another day.

So I've been thinking about what to get Chuk for our anniversary. He has an online wish list, but I don't want to get him anything off it. According to tradition, the second anniversary is the cotton anniversary. Part of me thinks traditional gifts are kind of silly, but part of me really likes them as a prompt to see how creative I can be within the category.

Well, I've been pretty creative. We travel a fair amount. It is hard for Chuk to pack light because he is a big guy and he sweats a lot, so he can't re-wear his clothes and his clothes are big. This is an issue we were already talking about with our upcoming trip to Alaska. Chuk thinks he may have to check a bag on the flights to and from Seattle.

This is a lot of preamble to tell you that last night I bought my husband two pairs of travel underwear for our anniversary. (They're on sale at Amazon.) On the one hand I feel super smart for thinking of such a useful gift, and on the other hand I feel like the most unromantic, lame wife in the world for getting him such a practical, unsexy present.

I think I need to get him something else, but I don't know what. Clothes? Underwear for me? Something bicycle-related from his online wish list? Do you have any ideas?

I have a hard time shopping for men. Do you?


  1. I haven't investigated those traditional anniversary gifts for a while. You did good to stay within those bounds!

  2. I remember you did bicycle embroidered pillowcases before - what about an embroidered handkerchief or towel or t-shirt (not feeling too creative I'm afraid -that's as far as my brain will stretch. Or what about checking out what the modern two-year anniversary gift is . . . okay I just checked it is china - what about a bicycle themed mug?

    Here's the link to the anniversaries table (both trad and modern:



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