Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wish You Were Here

Today is:
1) My mom's birthday
2) International Women's Day
3) Mardi Gras

After weeks of sickness, I woke up in the mood to celebrate. I've spent the afternoon having my own private dance party in my living room drinking a margarita. Then, inspired by my Rad Parties post, decided to send the following email to seven friends.

Do you guys want to come over tonight to play games and drink margaritas?
Awesome! Me too! Let's say after dinner, or 7:00-ish.

P.S. This was a this afternoon brain storm so my apartment isn't company clean and I may or may not be wearing make-up. If you're feeling judge-y or fastidious, maybe you should just come over another time.
I don't think anybody is going to come, afterall, it was like three hours notice on a Tuesday, but at least I'm putting myself out there.

I'm having a great day. I hope you are too.


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