Sunday, March 20, 2011

Favorite Regional Foods

One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to eat things I can't get at home. I love food. (Who doesn't?) Here is a list of the foods I make a beeline for when I'm in the places I visit most.

Sourdough bread (Colombo is my favorite.)
Mint It's It
Dungeness crab (preferably in a crab louie salad)
Al pastor burritos
Chicken garlic gourmet pizza

Drive-thru daiquiris
Fried shrimp po-boys
Blue Bell ice cream

Rou jia mo (I loved in Xi'an.)
Biong biong mien (I think I spelled this wrong. It's long noodles in broth with mutton and bok choi.)
Deep fried mushrooms
Broccoli in garlic sauce

What are your regional favorites?


  1. Drive-thru daiquiris? How did I not know about THAT??

  2. When I'm back in Chicago I always have to have a chicago dog, really good Thai food, and go to China Town for dim sum!

  3. There are drive thru liquor places in Louisiana? I live in the wrong state.

  4. There are two drive thru daiquiri places I frequent near my grandparents' house but I couldn't find websites for either one.

    However, you drive through and there is a menu board (like a fast food restaurant) with maybe 50 choices of blended drinks, mostly with funny names. Then you drive around to a little window, place your order and wait for them to make your drink.

    There are three cup sizes which I think are 16 oz, 24 oz. and 32oz, plus a gallon jug. If you're modest and order a cup it comes in a styrofoam slurpee-esque cup with a lid and a straw, but they put a little piece of masking tape over the straw hole so that it won't be an open container. It's awesome.

    Check these out:


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